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Hope Cemetery: Burial Plots and Mausoleums in Ottawa

All of our exterior plots include two casket burials and four urn burials, making room for six in total. We also have lots designed which can hold two to four urns. Our lots allow flat and raised markers. The flat markers can be in granite or in bronze.

We'll guide you through our selection of monuments and we'll help you pick a design that suits your family's wishes.

Sacred Heart Mausoleum at Hope Cemetery in Ottawa

Sacred Heart Mausoleum is a climate controlled environment made of two separate sections: one for crypts and niches and another for the reception area. It includes crypts and glass front niches.

The Garden of the Resurrection

The Garden of the Resurrection is an ensemble of beautiful exterior niches watched over by the Angel of the Resurrection. All niches can accommodate two urns and include a beautiful bronze plaque.

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